Scooter repair and service.

Santamaria seasoning

A Veteran owned scooter shop

My 1st MMS opened 06/01/14


This is in reference to my time in the USAF, MMS was Munitions Maintenance Squadron.

 Now it is Mike's Motor & Scooter. A salute to all of my fellow 462's  (weapons troops) out there!

Scooter Service


We would be honored to repair, service and maintain your scooter. Keeping our fellow scooter riders on the road on a safe scooter is what we strive for. Trust us with your scooter, we will do everything in our power to keep you happy and on the road.

RAZOR Products


We also have not forgotten what it is like to be a child, a child, who wants to ride their Razor scooter. When your child's Razor product breaks, we will do our best to repair the RAZOR product and keep them and you happy.

Small Engines


Although our main focus is on Scooters from battery operated RAZOR Products to street legal scooters, we also have our small engine department. Not all engines are on scooters, so we pride ourselves in servicing all types of small engines.

The paragon of power

Paragon of Power is this, the perfection of strength and power. We strive for perfection.


Razor Electric Scooter Services & Repairs

2255 SW 70th Ave Davie, Florida 33317, United States

(954) 253-3005


Hours vary so please call ahead  to be sure you get in touch with us before you bring your scooter in.