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How it all started

From a young age I tinkered with toys, electronics from Radio Shack, remote control cars, bikes, then cars and motorcycles and eventually weapons systems on aircraft.  My ten years in the USAF were spent working on the B-52, F-15 and A-10. Learning different systems, technologies and developing my mechanical and electrical skills. It was at this time I learned what “Paragon of Power” meant and today I am using this lesson to be the “Paragon of Power” for scooter repair and service.

 Ten years ago, my wife found my first Puch moped at a yard sale. The fix was in for my new passion. It all started with just getting it to run. Once I got it running, it was only time until I would  find ways to modify my Puch. The stretch was on and it soon became a tuned, kitted chopper. Soon people were asking me to repair their small engines, lawn equipment and scooters. So we started Davie Moped and Scooter Works. Scooter repair, lawn equipment,  small engine  and Razor Products service for all kinds of equipment.


Mike’s Motor & Scooter came about  as an easier name to remember and to be on a more personal level.  Think of us as a neighbor helping a neighbor. Mike's Motor & Scooter is the trusted place to call.

To us, it is not about earning your business or making a living, it is about the passion of working on scooters and helping you, get back on the road or maintaining your yard. It is also about keeping your children happy when their Razor scooter or other product breaks and it needs to be repaired. We have some classic and antique scooters of our own, so it is about the thrill and passion of the SCOOTER experience.

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